Antonija Pacek


Composer and pianist Antonija Pacek writes instrumental music, loves pop as much as classical melodies, digs the expressiveness of the great Jazz-soloists and holds a degree in psychology. Now, at the age of 39, she is finally ready to release SOUL COLOURS, her first full-length album. It features the distillation of Antonija’s lifelong search for immediate and truthful expression of her soul in the spacious world of musical notes. Her compositional ventures may easily defy categorization – some might call them minimalist, neoclassical or even pop, if you were to add a singing voice; whatever they are, it is most likely that they’re about to strike a chord in almost anyone. It’s her simplistic and profoundly humane approach to music that turn her distinct touch on the piano keys into instantly comprehensible pieces of human expression. Needless to say, her debut-album’s title SOUL COLOURS is a well-fitting transcription for Antonija Pacek’s artistic imperative to touch people’s souls with the sounding of her graceful nature. Upon meeting the mother of three daughters, one is met with sheer passion. Antonija Pacek can talk music for hours on end without the slightest hint of fatigue. Ask her about her very first musical experience and she has the means to transport your entire bodily-fabric right into her parent’s living room in 1974, when seven-month-old Antonija was repeatedly exposed to Camille Saint-Saëns „Le Cygne“ also known as „The Swan“. „My mother told me that I was so touched by that composition that I started sobbing every time she played Saint-Saëns’ record. I, of course, cannot remember the sensation that this music was for me back then. But recalling the past four decades of my life, I can easily say that music was my saviour in the many challenges that my life kept ready for me.” Indeed, there were many difficult challenges that crossed Antonija Pacek’s life-path. Upon recollecting the war that divided her home country unnecessarily and made her flee first to Vienna and then on to the University of Cambridge where she graduated in psychology, one can easily feel the pain by listening to the expressed sorrow in Antonija’s voice. An almost fatal car-accident required many months of recovery and had the prospect of playing the piano again almost die. But it was her will power and absolute hearing that enabled her to fully recover and allow the notes and harmonies in her soul to flow into beautifully crafted piano-tones. The recent, almost simultaneous loss of first her father and then her beloved mother, turned out to be the most life-changing experiences for Antonija Pacek. Yet, her distinct ability to express conditions of loss and grief through musicopened wide her soul’s windows for an almost cathartic array of incredibly life-affirming compositions. It is the wonderful balance of purely joyful tunes like RESTLESS and melancholic-mournful compositions like MADE IN AGONY that make the album SOUL COLOURS sound like a looking glass of real life. There’s nothing contrived about the album, what you hear is what you get – a testament of the twists and turns of the courageous and sincere person that is Antonija Pacek. Maybe it was meant to be that she is turning to her true vocation rather late in life. Maybe she had to experience severe turbulences before finally blossoming as a full-fledged composer, performing artist and pianist. Either way, Antonija Pacek is ready and more than able to spread her well-spirited music that is SOUL COLOURS as widely as possible. When asked about her late-blooming career as a musician and composer, she jokingly cites “most people that experience so called midlife-crisissuddenly feel the need to be doing something completely different with their lives. So, maybe that I started out in a new profession fairly late is not that unusual.” The truth, of course, is that the series of circumstances in her life made it nearly impossible for her to exclusively and fully engage herself in music before and that she is finally able to pursue her lifelong need to communicate with as many souls as possible. “The recording of the album, that took place in the very delicate Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin, was a very fulfilling experience”, she emphasizes. “Because it finally gave me wings and endless joy to commit my life to music.” On SOUL COLOURS Antonija Pacek digs deep into the elements that her musicianship is built upon. There is the unassuming nature of her compositional characteristics, which create intensive atmospheres in yet spacious, very thoughtfully created settings. Her sensitive, shimmering piano-tone vitalizes her soulful miniatures, which carefully balance out notated and improvised parts. All of that is created for the listener to get lost into the highly emotional connotations of SOUL COLOURS. One might call the album “music for imaginary movies” and indeed, it is intended that way, though not for any prescribed mind-movies. Mrs. Pacek wants her listeners to create their very own “imaginary movies” when listening to her music, that is both comforting and adventurous. You do not hear much music these days that is aiming at the imagination of the listener. SOUL COLOURS is one of those rare gems. Are there many more? Ludovico Einaudi, perhaps, some might say. You bet!


Soul Colours Tour 2015 – An evening with Antonija Pacek

27.01.2015 – München – Einstein

15.03.2015 – Wien – Orangerie Schoenbrunn

30.09.2015 – Lisbon – venue tba.

Summer concerts in Croatia tba. very soon