Jacq Dorn - Crianza

Jacq Dorn - Crianza

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There are few things that make as big impact on your life as the state of your home. Cleaning your home regularly is a small thing, that has a big impact on your happiness. As Jordan B Peterson is so fond of telling “clean your room, turn order into chaos.”.

It’s true though, if your home is a mess everything becomes harder. Cooking for yourself, moving around and staying organized all becomes significantly more of a challenge if you don’t clean your home.  You can move freely, without having to walk over laundry or garbage.

This has an effect on your productivity, increasing the amount of work you can get done. The reward of increased productivity is so immensely gratifying. What are your interests? Do you like to read, write, snowboard, play an instrument? whatever your interests are increasing your productivity will give you more time to participate in these hobbies. cleaning your home is a big step in the right direction.

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