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Antonija Pacek - Colours

Antonija Pacek - Colours

9,95 € Standardpreis
4,98 €Sale-Preis

Composer and pianist Antonija Pacek writes instrumental music, loves pop as much as classicalmelodies, digs the expressiveness of the great Jazz-soloists and holds a degree in psychology. Now, at the age of 39, she is finally ready to release SOUL COLOURS, her first full-length album. It features the distillation of Antonija’s lifelong search for immediate and truthful expression of her soul in the spacious world of musical notes. Her compositional ventures may easily defy categorization – some might call them minimalist, neoclassical or even pop, if you were to add a singing voice; whatever they are, it is most likely that they’re about to strike a chord in almost anyone. It’s her simplistic and profoundly humane approach to music that turn her distinct touch on the piano keys into instantly comprehensible pieces of human expression. Needless to say, her debut-album’s title SOUL COLOURS is a well-fitting transcription for Antonija Pacek’s artistic imperative to touch people’s souls with the sounding of her graceful nature.

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