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Surrogate Sibling

Surrogate Sibling

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SURROGATE SIBLING is the project of Munich based composer and musician Dieter Dolezel. It currently features Carlos Cipa on piano and the New York Sirius Quartet. The eponymous debut-album has recently been released on autentico music.

SURROGATE SIBLING is about listening closely and the chance of being affected by the music to such an extent, that it mirrors the essence of our existence. Beyond conventions. Kate Bush and Frank Zappa did comprehend that boundless musical notions were not mere conducts but necessities for music’s productive forces and music-enthusiasts alike. SURROGATE SIBLING, the album, picks up the tracks of the great freethinking-navigators to continue those realms. Without it being musically complimentary. The album welcomes engagement. It doesn’t refuse accessibility and recompenses preoccupation with its contents bountifully. Ultimately it had never been of any relevance how music was being perceived stylistically – as long as it came across. The album’s title says it all: SURROGATE SIBLING, the ersatz-brother, the ersatz-sister, paraphrases the phenomenon admirably that’s being known by everyone who has ever been affected by music. When the musical world with its tones, pulses and rhythms becomes one’s corresponding surrogate, the path to dialogues with the soul is being paved. It is due to music’s artistry that it can be everything it should be. SURROGATE SIBLING turns the multidimensional into musical art and by the same token it stays clear of being arty music - countless variables and possibilities included.


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